Budget Billing

Most of us have higher electric bills during the summer and winter months and lower bills in the spring and fall. These fluctuations can make budgeting for your utility bill difficult. Many New Richmond Utilities customers have already elected to take advantage of this budget program.

New Richmond Utilities budget billing program allows you to have the same fixed payment for a period of at least six months. With this payment plan, you will not experience an unexpected high bill in the months you use the most electricity and your budget is easier to manage. We will review your budget plan in December, then change it accordingly and we will reconcile your account in June, at which time you would pay any balance remaining in full by your July due date. This helps prevent surprises at the end of the year.

How it Works
Your budget payment is calculated by using the average monthly utility bill at your premise based on your historical usage over a 12 month period. All budget payments are due by the 15th or 1st of each month depending on your due date. Late payments are subject to penalties. Full budget payments are due regardless of the size of your bill. You may start a budget immediately if all bills are current. If they are not, you may still start a budget plan by setting up a deferred payment plan in addition to your budget payments. A budget plan is considered year round, not seasonal.

Budgets are reconciled in June and reviewed December of each year and adjusted accordingly. Any amount due at that time must be paid in full by your next due date. Arrangements can be made if necessary. At any time you feel your budget is not keeping up with your bills you may add extra to your payment. At any time you feel that you have a large credit and would like us to review your account, please call us.

To take advantage of this service, call us at (715) 246-4167.