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How many Fourth Graders does it take to light up a light bulb?

In October of 2007, New Richmond Utilities was invited to East Elementary to demonstrate renewable energy, conservation and efficiency to the Fourth Grade class.

The kids were able to ride the “Pedal Power” bike that was provided by our power supplier Wisconsin Public Power Inc. Pedal Power showed the kids how much energy it would take to light a light bulb and other fun things like a radio and a fan. The pedaling becomes increasingly difficult as more electrical loads are added. The kids learned that it takes a lot less energy to light a fluorescent light bulb than it does to light an incandescent light bulb.

The students were also able to view the future of energy resources, through a Green Utility Home display. The display showcases solar electric technology and a small wind turbine used to power a ceiling fan and a light in a model house. The green utility house enabled the kids to see first hand how resources like the wind and sun can be used to generate clean energy, without using limited fossil fuel resources, or emitting byproducts into the air.

This was a great day for the kids, and New Richmond Utilities really enjoyed teaching them about how electricity is produced, why energy conservation is important and ways electricity can be produced by renewable resources.