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Kids Explore Renewable Energy at Asset Carnival

On Saturday, October 6, 2007, New Richmond Utilities had a booth at the Kids Asset Carnival to promote the 40 Developmental Assets for Children. With the theme, “Positive View of Personal Future” the kids were able to view the future of energy resources, through a Green Utility Home display. The display showcases solar electric technology and a small wind turbine used to power a ceiling fan and a light in a model house.

The green utility house enabled the kids to see first hand how resources like the wind and sun can be used to generate clean energy, without using limited fossil fuel resources, or emitting byproducts into the air. Coloring and poster contests were held as well, allowing kids to express their visions of how these resources will be a part of their future. We have two winners for the coloring contest, Avery Krumm age 4, and Katie Elwood age 7. Congratulations girls!!

This was a great day for the kids, and New Richmond Utilities really enjoyed teaching them about how electricity is produced from renewable resources.