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Energy Education Resources donated to C.A. Friday Memorial Library

New Richmond Utilities recently donated several books and electric meters to Friday Memorial Library. The books and meters will be available for checkout for all library patrons. There are great reads available for children up through the home improvement do-it-yourselfer. The meters allow you to see first hand the electric use of the various appliances and electronics throughout your home.

With rising energy costs, and concerns about emissions and global climate change, many people are looking for ways to conserve energy and resources and save money. New Richmond Utilities donated tools to C.A. Friday Memorial Library that can educate children in energy conservation, and help you identify ways to conserve within your home.

From childrenís books on up to comprehensive guides, several books are now available for check out, including the following titles:

  • Letís Save Energy!
  • Why Should I Save Energy?
  • 50 Simple Things Kids can do to Save the Earth
  • 10-minute Energy Saving Secrets
  • The Home Energy Diet
  • Consumers Guide to Home Energy Savings
  • Insulate and Weatherize
  • The Homeowners Guide to Renewable Energy
  • Ever wonder how much it costs to have your television on? Or to use the dehumidifier in your basement? Find out how much electricity electrical items in your home or office really use. The Watts Up? Electricity Monitor is simple to use, and presents information on an easy to understand display.

    Using the device is simple. Plug the Watts Up? Monitor into a three-prong grounded electric outlet (the monitor is on a 6 foot long cord to make it easier to view the display). Plug the device to be evaluated into the top of the monitor. The monitor will display the wattage demanded by the electrical device. If the monitor is left plugged in for a period of time it will display the cumulative amount of electricity consumed or the cumulative cost of the electricity used (based on your local electric rate). Find your energy hogs, and be sure to use them wisely.

    The Watts Up? Meters are also available for check out from the library, and along with the books are a great resource to understand your energy usage, and to start saving today!

    Please watch for the display at the Library for our books and Watts Up meters sometime in mid-August.