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Bosch Doboy and NRU Work Together for Energy Efficiency

Doboy, Inc., a division of Bosch Packaging, recently teamed up with New Richmond Utilities on an energy conservation project that not only brightens the work environment for Doboy’s employees but also reduces Doboy’s electric consumption by an estimated 950,000 kilowatt-hours annually.

Doboy, which provides innovative packaging machinery for manufacturers, worked with New Richmond Utilities and power supplier Wisconsin Public Power Inc. to conserve energy by updating the company’s lighting fixtures. Local contractor Simon Electric replaced 861 older, 8 foot, T-12 florescent lighting fixtures in Doboy’s two New Richmond facilities, one on S. Knowles Ave. and another on Third St. The new T-8 models require less energy to run and incorporate reflective surfaces to provide brighter, cleaner, more evenly distributed lighting.

“We actually increased the light level by about 10%, and we are enjoying the added brightness,” says Doboy Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Bylander. “There are great advantages with the lighting update.”

Bylander notes that the environmental benefits of the project were another important factor in the organization’s decision to take on the lighting project. “Our parent company, Bosch, is focused on being ‘clean, safe and economical,” says Bylander. “Energy conservation is a driving force for our organization, and we know it’s important that we take advantage of opportunities to help protect the environment.”

WPPI Director of Industrial Services Jake Oelke estimates that, as a result of the lighting upgrade project, Doboy will save an annual $70,000 on electricity costs.

In addition, Oelke points to the project’s benefits for the New Richmond community in terms of Doboy’s reduced energy consumption. “When industrial electric customers conserve energy, they not only save on energy costs but they also help to control local transmission demands,” says Oelke. “This lighting upgrade will conserve enough energy to power the equivalent of 100 homes annually.”

“Doboy is a prominent employer and business leader in New Richmond, and their leadership in energy conservation is yet another asset the company brings to our community,” says New Richmond Utility Manager Dennis Horner. “It’s a partnership that makes sense for the utility, the customer and the community,” adds Horner.