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New Richmond Electric Utility Presents PowerTown!

Beth Thompson, Customer Service Rep., and Tom Rickard, Electric Superintendent

In November of 2005 New Richmond Electric Utilities presented PowerTown to Kindergarten students at Friday Memorial Library. The Library had a Kindergarten Party - "Meet Your Community Helpers" this was an exciting event for the children and parents alike.

The focus of the party was to teach the children about safety. New Richmond Electric Utilities discussed electrial safety using their mini town called PowerTown. PowerTown shows children the effect of a flying kite against a powerline. Also show the effects of coming in contact with transformers and substations. There were many safety demonstations that the kids were able to visualize and thus able to easily remember.

Also present was the Fire Chief, Jim VanderWyst, with some fire safety tips. The children were also able to go outside and look through a fire truck and the utilities bucket truck.