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Renewable Energy Program Now Available

What if you could make the world a better place? Now you can, simply by purchasing renewable energy for some or all of your energy needs.

Through our new Renewable Energy Program, you can choose to buy electricity from “clean, green” sources such as wind, water and organic materials. Participation costs just a few dollars each month, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re preserving energy resources for tomorrow.

Your Participation Counts
Renewable energy is friendly to the environment. Renewable sources replenish themselves naturally, leading to significant reductions in waste and emissions and improved air and water quality.

The more renewable energy we use, the less we need to rely on traditional sources of electricity such as coal, oil and natural gas. These resources are being used up. By choosing renewable energy, you help preserve our limited resources for future generations.

Your support for the Renewable Energy Program will also enable us to increase the amount of “clean, green” resources that are a part of our power supply. While it isn’t possible today to deliver electricity from renewable sources directly to your home or business, your participation helps build new renewable energy facilities.

We know you can’t save the world. But wouldn’t it feel great to save a little piece of it?

It’s Easy to Make a Difference
Participation is simple. To sign up, just choose an amount of renewable energy that’s equal to some or all of your monthly electricity usage. There’s no special equipment to install. You can change your participation level or withdraw at any time.

You pay just $3.00 additional per month for each block of renewable energy, the equivalent of 150 kilowatt-hours (kWh). For example, if you sign up for three blocks, a renewable energy charge of $9.00 for 450 kWh will appear on your monthly bill.

One block represents about 20-25 percent of the electrical usage in a typical home. To find out how many kWh you consume in a typical month, you can check your utility bills or call us at (715) 246-4167.