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Be Aware of Electrical Equipment

New Richmond Utility would like your cooperation to maintain the equipment necessary to provide electric service to your home. Since summer is upon us, and everyone is planting flowers, shrubs, and putting up fences we would like to make sure that we have access to your water and electric meters. We ask that you:

  • Make sure New Richmond Utilities has access to the utility meters located at your home and business. Bushes, dogs, equipment, locked gates, new fences, and other items can block the path to your meters. This creates a potentially unsafe situation and makes reading meters difficult. It is your responsibility to make sure dogs are properly restrained, access to our meters is given to the utilities, and observe the state code requiring at least three feet of unobstructed space in front of your meters.
  • Honor the easements for power lines and other electrical equipment. Easements are in place to allow access to high voltage electrical equipment. These easements are designed to provide an adequate safety barrier and room to perform maintenance when needed. Planting trees, building fences, or storing material in the easement right of way creates a potentially dangerous situation and can result in increased costs for maintaining the electrical system.