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Utility Promotes Safety at Asset Carnival

On Saturday, October 23, 2004 New Richmond Utilities had a booth at the Asset Carnival to promote one of the 40 Developmental Assets – SAFETY.

The utilities had several things for the young people in our community to participate in. The youngest group of kids were read a story called “Aunt Sarah and the Amazing Power” and given their own copy of the book. The older kids were given an activity book called “Electrical Safety World” and also had a fun activity to do.

The kids were also able to ride the “Pedal Power” bike that was borrowed from our power supplier, Wisconsin Public Power Inc.

Pedal Power showed the kids first hand, how much energy it would take to light a light bulb and other fun things like a hair dryer and a fan.

The kids learned that it takes a lot less energy to power a compact fluorescent light bulb than it takes to power an incandescent light bulb.

This was a great day for the kids, and New Richmond Utilities really enjoyed teaching them about electrical safety and energy conservation.