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Summer Watering Program Eliminated

The New Richmond Utilities Commission recently decided to eliminate the summer watering program. Many factors were considered in this decision including a survey of surrounding communities, the complex administration of the current program, the inequities that occurred and the growth occurring in our City.

However, with the discontinuation of the current summer watering program, New Richmond Utilities offers you the option of installing an additional water-only meter. If you would like to receive credit for clear water not discharged into the sanitary sewer system for watering lawns, gardens, washing cars, filling pools etc., you can request the installation of an additional meter. We believe this new program will save you money in the long run.

Information on Outside Water Meters

Outside water meters can be installed to monitor water used for watering lawns, gardens, washing cars etc. Customers will be billed for water usage on these meters along with the monthly customer rental charge based on the size of the meter installed (see chart below); no sewer charges are billed. There is a one-time meter installation charge of $30.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to have the necessary plumbing done for this meter. The utility will provide the meter and the plumber will install the meter. Please note, a permit for a back flow preventer is required. For more information, please contact the Inspections Department at 246-4268.

Once the meter is installed the utility will inspect and seal the meter. Installation of a second water meter is to be used for irrigation only. Any changes to the plumbing, for the installation of an irrigation meter, are the owner's responsibility. The irrigation meter will be read and billed monthly.

Meters are to be adjacent to each other, and should comply with Ordinance Section 9-1-35.

Additional Meter Rental Charge

If a customer requests the installation of an additional meter to receive credit for clear water not discharged into the sanitary sewer system, or if a sewerage service customer who is not a customer of the water utility requests the installation of a meter to determine the volume of sewage discharged in the sanitary sewer system, the utility shall furnish and install this additional meter. This rate shall be applied only to single-family residential and small commercial customers. A rental fee shall be charged for the use of this meter and the following rates shall apply:

  • 5/8 - inch meter $2.10 per month ($25.20/year)
  • 3/4 - inch meter $2.10 per month ($25.20/year)
  • 1 - inch meter $3.90 per month ($46.80/year)
  • 1 1/4 - inch meter $5.40 per month ($64.80/year)
  • 1 1/2 - inch meter $6.90 per month ($82.80/year)
  • 2 - inch meter $6.90 per month ($82.80/year)
Please note, if at any time the owner decides to discontinue the use of the irrigation meter, it shall be their responsibility to make any necessary plumbing changes. This shall include capping of the unused irrigation line upstream any existing valves. A time will be arranged for the utility to shut the water off so that this can be done.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange for delivery of a meter, please contact the Water Department at 243-0436.