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Incentive Available to Business Customers

For a limited time, New Richmond Utilities is offering our business customers the opportunity to replace their old, inefficient fluorescent lights with new energy-efficient, slim-line fluorescent fixtures.

The Bright Lights Cash incentive includes:

  • $15 per 2-tube, 4-ft fixture replacement
  • $20 per 4-tube, 4-ft fixture replacement
  • $20 per 2-tube, 8-ft fixture replacement
Please note, facilities open 24 hours a day may be eligible for more.

Energy-efficient lights can cut your electric cost by 30% compared to the older models. Your electric savings, combined with our incentive, will make your payback only 2 – 3 years. That is equivalent to a 33% – 50% return on investment.

How to participate:
  1. Return the Bright Lights Cash Incentive Form to the utility office. We will then inspect the facility before work begins.
  2. After the initial inspection, select your electric contractor and have the work completed by June 30, 2004.
  3. Call us for an inspection after the work is completed.
  4. We will mail an incentive check to you in less than 30 days.
This work need not be expensive. Many fixtures can be replaced for much less than $60 apiece, including labor. Some fixtures can be updated with new ballasts and new slim-line tubes. The $15 or $20 incentive per fixture will cover a substantial portion of the cost of the retrofit.

Please check your Yellow Pages for electricians. New Richmond Utilities does not endorse any company and we encourage you to get more than one bid.

Please note, an inspection before and after work is completed is required. All work must be completed by June 30, 2004. Funds are limited. The “Bright Lights Cash” incentive is part of our Public Benefits program.

For more information, contact Energy Services Representative Dale Sullivan at 246-4167.