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The Advantages of Public Power

For 17 years now, community-owned electric utilities have joined together during the first full week of October to observe Public Power Week. In communities like ours, where every citizen is a utility owner and has a say in important decisions about our services, there are many reasons to celebrate this annual event.

Public power communities enjoy the advantages of having:

  • Local control. Local decision making enables public power utilities to operate in ways that best suit local needs and values.

  • Lower rates. On both a state and national level, public power’s rates are significantly lower than rates charged by investor-owned utilities.

  • Efficient service. As locally based entities, community-owned utilities know their territory and customers better. Municipal utilities are responsible only to the consumer-owners they serve, not to distant management or stockholders.

  • Fast emergency response. If an outage or any other problem occurs, our utility is just minutes away. Local crews are familiar with our community and can respond quickly to unexpected events.