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Resources in Place for Summer Electrical Demands

Our power supplier, Wisconsin Public Power Inc. (WPPI) has sufficient power supply resources in place to meet the projected peak loads of its 37 members, plus the reserve requirements of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC). WPPI's projected coincident peak demand for this summer is 858 megawatts (MW). WPPI’s peak demand in 2002 was 837 MW.

While WPPI has secured ample generation capacity and firm transmission rights to serve the expected demand of its members’ customers, WPPI’s ability to deliver its load requirements reliably this summer depends on the condition of the regional electric grid. Because of the limited import capability on Wisconsin’s constrained transmission system, major generation or transmission facility outages in the region – especially when combined with hot weather conditions and the limited transfer capability within the state – could create problems for the state’s utilities. WPPI will work closely with other utilities and the American Transmission Company to address these types of situations and to maintain reliable service to customers.

Wisconsin customers are projected to use 12,613 MW at the time of peak usage this summer, according to the PSC’s Strategic Energy Assessment (SEA) released in December 2002. State utilities reportedly have 15,018 MW of capacity resources available to meet this demand in 2003, compared to 14,677 MW last year. Most of the additional capacity can be attributed to increased power purchases and the only new major generation project to come online this year – Wisconsin Public Service’s 83-MW combustion turbine at its Pulliam Power Plant in Green Bay.