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Your Home Energy Report

Customers can now understand, manage and control their home energy and water use thanks to a customized report provided by New Richmond Utilities.

Customers of New Richmond Utilities will find a Home Energy Report in their mailboxes this month. The report identifies household monthly electric and water use data for the past 12 months, as well as total usage. A graph summarizes personal utility data and compares current consumption patterns to previous months. Homeowners can also choose to compare home utility usage to that of other residents living in similar-sized homes in New Richmond.

Customers are better equipped to modify their energy and water use when they are provided with personal data in a clear, easy-to-understand format. It is our objective to create awareness about home energy use and therefore, help homeowners identify practical ways to use energy more wisely and target ways to save.

The Home Energy Report also provides helpful energy-saving tips and encourages residents to take the next step when it comes to identifying ways to save by visiting the Home Energy Suite. Homeowners can take a closer look at their usage by conducting a self analysis on their home and review scenarios that will help them save energy and money.

The HomeEnergySuite allows residents to use their energy data as a valuable tool to reduce costs and better prioritize and control how and when they use energy.

The Home Energy Report is just one way for homeowners to learn more about their energy usage, and New Richmond Utilities encourages all customers to take advantage of the many energy-saving programs, services and financial incentives available through the utility.