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Rearrange for a warmer winter

Rearranging your home’s furniture can improve your energy efficiency and your overall comfort. Try some of these ideas:

  • Build up your bookcase. Push a bookcase against an outside wall and keep it filled up. It will act as a layer of insulation against outdoor temperatures. Hanging tapestries, fabric, or quilts on the wall will have a similar effect.
  • Draw the curtains. Use heavy, thick drapes to block drafty windows—and potentially reduce up to 10 percent of your room’s heat loss. Open drapes during peak sunlight hours to let in the warmth, then close them during the evening to keep out the chill.
  • Cover your floors. Add a pad under your carpet to reduce the loss of heat through your floorboards. If you have hardwood floors, add area rugs to retain heat and keep your feet toasty.
  • Don’t block your ducts. Move furniture and draperies away from supply and return registers so that warm air can circulate. 
  • Be choosy with your furniture. Opt for overstuffed pieces with high backs that will block drafts. Recliners and ottomans are good wintertime options because they keep your feet off cold floors. Pull furniture in and away from outside walls to enhance the room’s warmth. 
  • Get your ceiling fans spinning. Reverse your fans during the winter months to pull cool air up to circulate the warm air that’s near the ceiling.

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