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Since 1993 New Richmond Water Utility has tested the municipal water system for lead. In September, 20 samples were taken from residences; two of which were from vacant homes and a third from an older residence. These three samples exceeded the allowable contaminant level for lead of 15 parts per billion. The Water Utility has been taking these samples every three years and this is the only time that more than one sample has exceeded the lead limits. These samples represent a relatively small portion of our population and therefor it is important for each homeowner to consider their own home water supply when determining how to react to these findings. New Richmond Water Utility will work with DNR to conduct an extensive public education program regarding the presence of lead. All of the City’s wells have been tested and were found to be below the normal lead parameters. Please consider the following information carefully when determining your response to this occurrence.

For more information, please select Lead Public Education Program.