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Energy Assistance Available to Income-Qualified Customers

Energy plays a vital role in our lives, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay for it. As temperatures start to drop, we encourage our income-qualified customers to apply for energy assistance. The following programs are available:

Bill Payment Assistance

You could receive a financial grant to help pay your heating and electric bills. The amount you receive depends on your family’s size, income and the amount of your utility bills. Payment is made directly to your utility.

Weatherization Assistance

The State of Wisconsin provides free weatherization services to reduce household energy costs and to save energy. If you are eligible, an energy auditor will inspect your home to determine what can be done to make it more energy efficient. The measures vary depending on your home’s age and condition. Some common measures include insulation, furnace, air conditioner, water heater or window installation.

You may qualify for these services if your gross household income falls within the following guidelines:

Family Size 3-Month Income
1 $ 3,322.50
2 $ 4,477.50
3 $ 5,632.50
4 $ 6,787.50
5 $ 7,942.50
6 $ 9,097.50
7 $10,252.50
8 $11,407.50
For each additional person add: $1,155.00

To apply, contact [insert specific information here]. When applying, you will need to provide information on household income and heating costs. Special assistance is available to those who are unable to apply in person.