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New Billing Statements to Provide Customers with Valuable Information

Customers of New Richmond Utilities will discover a new look when they open their bill statements in July. The utility has updated its statements with a new design and format aimed at helping customers make more informed decisions about their energy use.

“One of the most immediate and effective things we can do during these difficult economic times is to help customers keep their bills down by encouraging them to conserve and use less energy,” said Nancy Petersen, Utility Finance and Accounting Manager. “And, the billing process is an opportunity to communicate ways that customers can do just that.”

In addition to the monthly balance, and detailed electric, water and wastewater service charges, the new statements will feature usage comparison charts for both electric and water consumption. The new format will enable customers to quickly visualize how their current month’s usage compares to the previous month. The charts also display data for the same period for the previous year.

“We know that customers are more likely to reduce their consumption when they are regularly provided with this information in a clearly displayed and easy-to-understand format,” said Nancy Petersen.

The bills will also feature energy-saving tips, expert advice and timely messages about technical assistance and financial incentives available to utility customers.

The utility implemented the redesign as part of a pilot effort in partnership with power supplier WPPI Energy. The New Richmond Utilities format is anticipated to serve as a model that will also help WPPI Energy’s 50 other member utilities to improve their billing statements and put more information into the hands of customers.

Together, the 51 community-owned utilities in WPPI Energy’s membership serve 195,000 homes and businesses in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and Iowa. Together, the consumer-owned utilities are helping their customers better understand their energy costs and help them make more informed decisions about their consumption.

For more information about the new billing statements, New Richmond Utilities customers are encouraged to contact the utility at 715-246-4167.