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Kids Generate Fun and Power at Asset Carnival

On Saturday, October 9, 2010, New Richmond Utilities had a booth at the Kids Asset Carnival to promote the 40 Developmental Assets for Children. With the theme, “Children as Resources” the kids were able to be a power supply resource while riding the “Pedal Power” bike.

Pedal Power showed the kids how much energy it would take to light a light bulb and other fun things like a hair dryer and a fan. The pedaling becomes increasingly difficult as more electrical loads are added. The kids learned that it takes a lot less energy to light a fluorescent light bulb than it does to light an incandescent light bulb.

In addition to being an electricity generator, the kids were taught how they can be a resource at home to help parents conserve energy. By limiting the amount of energy we waste, we can save money and preserve valuable resources.

This was a great day for the kids, and New Richmond Utilities really enjoyed teaching them about how electricity is produced and why energy conservation is important.

The free annual Asset Carnival is organized by the YOUth and Families Initiative in partnership with the New Richmond School District and the Centre with support from local businesses and organizations. The mission is to promote the 40 developmental assets that have been identified as necessary to grow healthy and resilient children. Visit New Richmond Area Centre for more information.