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Tree Power!

Did you know that trees can save you energy and money? We have a program that offers cash incentives for planting shade trees to conserve energy.

Properly planted around your home, shade trees can lower your heating and cooling costs. Trees that shade the south or west side of the building can reduce air conditioning costs in summer. When the leaves fall in the winter, the bare trees allow sunlight to warm your home.

That’s not all the good news. Trees also supply oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and cleanse the air. And they enhance the beauty and value of your home.

To help you enjoy the many benefits of trees, we’re offering a cash rebate equal to 50% of the purchase price (up to $50 per tree) when you buy and plant deciduous trees. Certain restrictions apply.

The rewards of adding trees to your property have never been greater!

Tree Power Application

Tune up to save!

Is your central air conditioner ready for summer? We’d like to help you enjoy the savings and comfort of a more energy efficient home with our Central Air Tune-up program.

You can enjoy a comfortable summer at home when you keep your central air conditioner in top condition. All it takes is a simple tune-up and inspection of your system. A well-maintained central A/C system uses less energy, saving you money. (Without maintenance, your air conditioner can lose up to 5% of its original efficiency every year.) You’ll also enjoy longer equipment life and a more comfortable home.

Act now and you can save even more. For a limited time, we’re offering a $35 credit that will be applied to a customer’s utility account when a qualifying central A/C tune-up is performed by a professional service technician.

To qualify, you must have a central A/C unit of five tons or less. Both business and residential customers are eligible. See application for details.

Central Air Tune-Up Application