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NR Utilities Sponsors Educational Performances on Energy Efficiency

New Richmond Utilities recently sponsored a touring theater show designed to educate young students about the concepts of energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy and electrical safety.

The fast-paced, educational show called “Mission It’s Possible” was presented by the National Theatre for Children (NTC) - the largest in-school educational touring theater company in the world. The program uses colorful sets and engaging characters to teach students about the importance of conserving energy and playing it safe around electricity.

The interactive program encourages audience participation and presents lessons in a manner that children enjoy. In the program “Mission It’s Possible,” Professor Dabney Wambley seeks to discover who has been wasting energy in the city. Professor Wambley works with an old colleague to pinpoint how electricity and energy is made while enlisting the help of a student volunteer to conserve energy.

The NTC tours the United States presenting educational theater in schools on behalf of sponsoring organizations. The NTC is based in Minneapolis and uses live theater, printed curriculum materials and teacher guides to educate children, teachers, adults and parents about energy conservation and electrical safety.

Local performances were given at Starr Elementary, Paperjack Elementary, and St Mary’s School.

The performances are coordinated by New Richmond’s power supplier, WPPI Energy, a regional power company serving 51 customer-owned electric utilities. In 2009, WPPI Energy members sponsored 149 shows at 98 schools, reaching more than 28,000 students.