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New Utility Billing System Creates Reader-Friendly Bills

New Richmond Utilities recently implemented a new state-of-the-art billing system that will create a more reader-friendly bill than the former statements.

The utility has converted its current billing software to a more modern system that has the ability to provide a detailed billing statement.

"This new software system will not only be a technological improvement for the utility, but will allow us to provide even better customer service to our residential and business consumers," said Utility Manager Dennis Horner.

The new billing software has the ability to separate charges for city services like recycling, environmental and storm water fees and for utility services like electricity, water, sewer and fire protection. These itemized charges will be reflected on the new bill so customers can clearly understand rates and usage.

Customers also will be able to track consumption history and budget billing plan information with the newly-designed bill format. The utility sent out its first batch of new statements in May.

A grant from our power supplier, Wisconsin Public Power Inc., made the purchase possible. For more information about the new billing system or statement format, contact us at 246-4167.